Veracity has been involved with the RSL & Services Clubs Association Qld Inc (RSLSCA QLD) for ten years. During that time we noticed that the benefits to communities that clubs provide to the deserving and vulnerable members of society across veteran support, welfare and advocacy, really hadn’t been captured and communicated.

Veracity worked with the Association and Clubs to design, distribute and analyse the results from an inaugural Community Benefit Survey. Seventeen Clubs from across Queensland participated in the inaugural survey.

Now, for the first time, there is quality data that tells the story of the positive contributions RSL and Services Clubs make across Queensland.

I think the clubs’ participation in the survey is vital. Going all the way across the state as well, there’s such a diverse range of clubs, a big range of support that they do provide for local communities so the survey gives a really good picture of what individual clubs do do, region-by-region, section-by-section.

Tim Wright
General Manager, Greenbank Services Club

We participate in the survey because it’s so important for us to understand how our individual contributions within our local communities actually extrapolates into the larger Queensland community and how powerful that impact is.

Clare Paton
Chief Executive Officer, Maroochy RSL

Veracity is very proud to be involved in the Community Benefit Survey because for the first time, it really does tell the story of the impact that RSLs and Services Clubs have across Queensland and it’s a story that must be told to important stakeholders. We’re excited to get an even better picture of this impact this year with more clubs participating in the survey. 

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

Veracity CEO

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