We design and build IT platforms for competitive advantage

Veracity Business Solutions supports the IT platforms we build with our professional, Australian-based 24/7 Service Desk.

At Veracity Business Solutions – we transform business with technology

Business transformation starts with us understanding your business purpose and direction. Only then can we help scope transformation strategies, objectives and initiatives that will elevate your business. Working from this base, we’ll layer in current technology mega-trend insights to inform the design and development of your IT platform to ensure it will position you for competitive advantage.

IT infrastructure affects all facets of working life and has the power to transform your culture, strategic direction, work practices, products, services, customer collaboration, employee engagement and partnering. So it’s critical to get it right.

We’ll also use a number of tools and approaches to assist your transformation journey, including technology mega-trends workshops, Smartscans and creating Three-Year IT roadmaps.

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Technology Mega-Trends Workshop
  • We conduct short, digestible sessions for senior executives on the major technology trends affecting business.
  • These workshops influence executive mindsets, spark ideas and build an appetite for change.
Three-Year IT Roadmap
  • We’ll work with you to develop a Three-Year IT Roadmap to align technology initiatives with your strategic imperatives and to prioritise technology projects and provide budgets.
App Smartscans
  • Because Veracity is independent and software vendor agnostic, we’re ideally placed to scan the market to identify and shortlist the right software applications for your business.
  • We’ve conducted Smartscans for a range of generic and specialist applications, including productivity suite, finance, payroll, marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), digital asset management, event and functions management, asset management, and ticketing.

How secure is your company’s data? Is it being used in ways that are adding value to the business?  

If the recent data hacks on corporate Australia are anything to go by, it’s never been a more critical time to ensure your data is well managed and secure.  

Data governance is a systematic approach to managing data throughout its lifecycle from creation to destruction. It’s everything a business does to ensure data is available to the right audiences, and that it’s accurate, private and secure.  

It’s so important for business leaders set the tone for data governance by establishing a data strategy, policies, practices and resources.   

At Veracity Business Solutions, we specialise in working with boards and senior managers to design and implement policies, plans and procedures that develop, protect and ethically use the data your business produces. 

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Data Governance Framework Development  
  • An effective Data Governance Framework will help your board and management team understand the value of your data, know where its located, as well as determine and prove that it’s secure.  
Together we’ll create a framework that considers:  
  • Data management and roles  
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP)  
  • Data security  
  • Data analytics 
  • Ethical use of data and more.  

We’re here to support you 24/7

Not only does Veracity Business Solutions specialise in assessing and simplifying your IT platform, and designing and rolling out solutions that meet your business needs, but we also have the capabilities and capacity to support you post implementation.

Our Australian-based professional service desk is run by good humans. They love solving IT challenges and delivering genuine value to our clients, plus they’re degree qualified and have all the current, relevant industry certifications you’d expect.

The Veracity Business Solutions difference

We view your IT problems through the lens of your business – so we’ll always take the time to understand how your business works, what your risks and pinch points are, and what’s critical to keep your business humming, and we’ll prioritise our support to make that happen.

We take it personally

At the risk of sounding cheesy, we really do care about our clients and we commit 110% to ensuring your business has the right IT tools to succeed. We design ICT platforms that we know our clients can trust, will create minimal ongoing service issues, and will provide a competitive edge. It’s in both of our interests to set you up for success.

But if something ever goes wrong or you need to ask questions or be guided through a process, we’re always at the other end of the phone. And we’re motivated to ensure you’re happy with our service and response. That’s why our clients tend to stay with us long term, because we deliver on our promises.

If you ever need us out of hours, rest assured we provide both 24/7 and business-hour remote, proactive monitoring of servers and devices as well as triaged support services backed by documented Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

So, if you’re looking for Australian-based managed IT support from a company who’ll deliver a tailored, high-quality service, contact Veracity today to find out more.

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IT Health Check
  • We’re data driven at Veracity. We’ll start by conducting an IT Health check to gain an objective view of your existing IT environment.
  • ICT Health Check outputs include an inventory of your current network assets and a set of prioritised recommendations.
Flexible MSA
  • We recognise that industries operate differently.
  • We offer business-hour and 24/7 MSA options as well as support flexibility in our MSA pricing.

Let us solve your data dilemmas

In business, rapidly evolving and highly digital worlds don’t always keep pace with administrative systems and processes. But deciding on the best way to manage organisational file structures, data security, storage capacity and software licensing can be complicated, particularly when IT falls outside your area of expertise.

Veracity can help. Not only do we specialise in cloud migration services, but we’ll also bring a business lens to the work we do with you to understand how you operate and what you need your new cloud-based system to do to enhance your business efforts.

There are many benefits of getting your data, apps and emails off a local server and into a cloud environment, but the most powerful one is that it gives you the ability to run your business anytime, anywhere.

Sound like something your organisation would like to talk to us about?

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So where do we start?
  • Firstly, we’ll work with you to understand your business and how you operate, and what cloud-based IT structures and systems you need to best chart a way forward.
  • Next we’ll design and test a bespoke system that works for you before migrating your data to the Cloud.
  • Of course, it doesn’t just end there. We also provide ongoing service and maintenance support to ensure everything hums along nicely over time.
What we do
  • At Veracity, we take messy, complex and out-dated systems and storage solutions, and simplify them.
  • We improve their functionality, and successfully migrate them to the cloud, first time – freeing you up to get on with what you do best.

Critical Commodities for Transformation...

High Speed Internet

We implement high speed internet connections, so you can move to the cloud with ease.

VoIP Phone Systems

Are copper services being disconnected in your area? Move your phones to the cloud!

Cloud Hosting

We migrate and support cloud-based servers and storage.

Computer Hardware

We supply computing hardware at competitive prices.

Software Integration

Need to make some systems talk? Looking for custom reporting? Our developers can help.


Thinking about 5G for redundancy or remote working? Talk to us.

Let us help you out.