Someone asked us recently why Veracity invested so much in sponsoring the arts. Good question, and it got us thinking. Is it an obsessional passion for the arts, creative directors, festivals, artists, musicians, dancers and venues? Although we love the theatre of the arts, it’s not the main reason we’re attracted to the arts sector.

We sponsor the arts because their core business of creating community-centred experiences aligns so closely with our values of transforming business with technology.

Let us connect the dots. Every day when we design and build IT platforms that transform business, our teams challenge the status quo. We’re continually adapting to changing conditions and situations, we’re progressive in our outlook on different future business states and we ultimately connect our clients more deeply to their communities through multiple digital channels and technology-enabled interactions. These are the values of technology-led transformation we bring to every project.

When our client QMF approached us to sponsor Queensland Music Trails, it was an easy decision. Recognising that the existing biannual Queensland Music Festival model had run its course after 20 years, QMF challenged the status quo with a bold proposition to organise a series of music trails across Queensland to connect music to place. ‘It’s the ultimate music festival meets road trip.’ How could we say no? Transformational in nature, progressive in spirit, ‘kickass’ in attitude, we jumped on board straight away.

The inaugural QMF Outback Music Trail kicked off with Opera at Jimbour, then headed west to Charleville’s Cosmos Centre where outback road trippers gazed at the stars while being immersed in a world-class musical program inspired by landscape, stargazing, cosmology and cultural heritage, and featuring Kate Miller-Heidke, William Barton among others. Then it was off to Quilpie to experience contemporary visual theatre and music against the stunning backdrop of Baldy Top at twilight. Their catch cry was “should be pretty good” – and it most certainly was!

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

Veracity CEO

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