Digital Literacy

Bill Owens, Managing Director of Veracity, is committed to raising digital literacy levels of business leaders across Australia.

Veracity has advised top Queensland companies such as HOTA, Home of the Arts and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra on digital transformation and Bill says today’s leaders must have the ability to understand how technology will impact the businesses they lead – now and in the future.

In a comprehensive study of over 1,200 publicly traded companies over US $1 billion, businesses with digitally savvy board members significantly outperformed others on key metrics such as revenue growth, return on assets, and market cap growth. In a study of over 5,000 global leaders, 36% of respondents reported that they struggled to keep on top of new technologies.

Bill, who’s equipped with decades of experience in global business consulting and technology, says the digital divide in the leadership community is alarming and is determined to help leaders feel at ease discussing and making decisions about tech and IT.

Bill is sharing his knowledge in the new Digital Literacy for Leaders series.

These ground-breaking articles explain key terminologies and identifies the questions and actions leaders need to take in their business today for digital transformation. 

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Optus and Medibank Data Robberies Reinforce Need for Data Stewardship in Business.

In issue eight of the Digital Literacy for Leaders series, I compare the Optus and Medibank data incidents and outline eight essential steps to maintain or improve your data security position.

In reviewing Australia’s privacy laws, I also make the case for stronger data stewardship in Australian boards and corporation.

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Digital Literacy for Leaders

Guest Speaking & Media Interviews

Bill is available for media interviews and professional speaking engagements on a broad range of topics, including:

  • Digital Literacy for Leaders
  • How to digitally transform your business
  • How to protect yourself and your business against cyber crime
  • What to do when you’ve been hacked
  • How to capitalise on your business data
  • What to do when your social media site goes offline
  • How to keep up with the kids — technical advice for parents

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