We live and breathe the not-for-profit, government and local business worlds and deliver genuine value to them

You can’t be everything to all people, that’s why we focus on specific industry sectors where we can provide a high-quality, tailored service. With a special understanding of the value drivers influencing these sectors, we can be smarter about helping you to overcome challenges faster.

A Partner, not a Vendor

We work with progressive leaders to transform business with technology and our approach requires a partnering mindset. We invest in the industries in which we specialise and contribute to the communities they support. In return, this gives us a deeper understanding of your work and the customers you serve, and is a powerful value-add for us both.

Our energy in this sector is directed into charities, clubs and arts organisations, and it’s easy to do because of the common thread they share – community.  Veracity uses business experience and technology to scale the communities our clients create. And this is so important in a constantly evolving environment.

  • The tectonic shift in the charities sector has been the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) driving unprecedented attention to client services and experiences and case management
  • The major movement in clubs has been around managing the member experience on a precinct basis rather than visitation or event-based experiences.
  • Arts organisations are focusing on enhancing the end-to-end experience for their patrons and scaling patron engagement and attendance, along with development and fundraising activities.

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We have worked closely with both state government agencies in Queensland and local governments to deliver technology-based solutions that improve customer service and satisfaction. There’s a laser-like focus in the state government sector around raising capabilities across team, supervisor and senior management levels and Veracity has been a proven partner for many years delivering technology-based, whole-of-government learning solutions that really work.

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If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that businesses must be resilient and have the capacity to operate nimbly, remotely and securely. Veracity is perfectly positioned to help local businesses use technology to make transformative decisions that set them up for success.

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