We specialise in the Not-For-Profit, government and family manufacturing sectors.

Approaching the market by industry sector enables us to solve specific business challenges better and more quickly, aided by a deep understanding of the various value drivers influencing the development of each segment.

A Partner, not a Vendor

We work with progressive C-suite executives to transform business with technology. Our approach requires a partnering mindset.

Aided by a deep understanding of our chosen industry verticals, we invest in the industries in which we specialise as a contribution to the communities we support. In return, we gain deep insights and knowledge to serve our clients better in the spirit of ‘what goes around, comes around’.

We serve three distinct segments in the Not-For-Profit sector, namely charities, clubs and performing arts organisations. The common thread across all these segments is communities. Veracity scales the communities our clients create. The tectonic shift in the charities sector is NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) driving unprecedented attention to client services, experience and case management. The major movement in clubs is managing the member experience on a precinct basis rather than visitation or event based experiences. Performing arts organisations are focusing on scaling patron engagement and attendance as well as development (i.e. fundraising) activities.

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We serve two distinct segments in the government sector, namely state government agencies in Queensland and local government.

The laser like focus in the state government sector is raising capabilities across team, supervisor and senior management levels.

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We serve a number of segments in the small and medium business sector, including family manufacturing, retail and professional services.

Of all these segments family manufacturing is going through fundamental transformation in culture, strategy, work processes, systems and people. It is an industry sector experiencing fundamental renewal.

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Lets do business together.